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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  June 5, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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fox 5 morning news continues right now. ght now. good morning. it is 5:00 here. much later in london. they are five hours ahead of us there where preparations for the final day of the queen's diamond jubilee is under way. these are live pictures you are seeing of a motorcade that is leaving that area. we will follow this throughout the morning. we know coming up at around 5:30 our tim is expected to be the national service of thanksgiving at st. paul's cathedral. a carriage procession by the queen and it ends with a royal air force fly-by over buckingham palace. this is video from last night. stevie wonder, elton john, paul mccartney, some of of the big stars performing for queen elizabeth's diamond jubilee concert in london last night. of course, she wore earplugs. it was pretty loud. we have live reports from
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london throughout the morning for you. >> the queen missed some of the concerts because her husband was put in the hospital. he spent sunday on the river thames despite the cold and rain. he was hospitalize wade bladder unnext. they are taking care of that right now. of course, we hope he will be okay. hopefully, he will able to get in on part of the celebration as well. so what a celebration. >> my goodness. >> it has been great. >> good morning. >> good morning. i'm in today. happy to be with you. i hope you are feel a little better. >> the we're trying. we're plugging along. >> you look good. >> thank you, tucker. >> allison! >> good to see you too. >> thank you. >> hope you are well rested. >> you notice the queen has all the best stuff. >> oh, yes. >> it's good to be the queen. i say that in my house but it
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is not really true. >> not quite the same. let's get to the forecast. it is almost sweater weather out there. >> very nice. >> mid-50s for most of us. humidity, 83%. it will be another cool one today. maybe even a degree or two cooler than yesterday. low to mid-70s for daytime highs. have a few showers. just a few out there at the moment. mostly south of the city here, southern maryland. down here at drum point pushing across the potomac there into virginia. we've got a few showers as well. a few light showers to start your day. we did have showers overnight for parts of the area so some of the roadways are wet. generally, it will be another day with plenty of sunshine mixing with some clouds and a few afternoon showers. otherwise, a great looking day. high temperatures in the comfortable range back into the 70s. should be a nice one. >> we will take it. thank you. let's say good morning to julie wright and see how the roads are looking out there this morning. good morning, you guys. welcome back. we missed you. >> thank you. >> on the roads, you will find your lanes are open as you
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continue to work your way southbound along 270 coming in from shady grove road leaving rockville headed out towards the split. lanes are open on the beltway as you continue from college park headed over towards 270. 395 here at the 14th street bridge, easy drive so far working your way across the pat omak headed over towards the southeast-southwest freeway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. montgomery county police say one person is dead from a car fire early this morning. another person was evacuated by helicopter, taken to the hospital. car crashed at the intersection of mount ephraim road and dickerson road in dickerson just before 1:00. investigators haven't released any information on the occupants of the car. jury selection will get under way today in the jerry sandusky child sex abuse trial. the union shot down a last- ditch effort to delay the trial. the judge also ruled that alleged victims cannot keep their identities private for
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they testify. sandusky is charged with abusing 10 boys over a 1-year period. he denies the allegations though. the judge also banned tweets and other electronic communications from inside the courtroom during the trial. ate maryland man is feeing life in prison after posing as a pepco employee and killing a man in bowie. yesterday, 46-year-old john hastin was found guilty of first degree murderer in the death of david williams. he and another man knocked on williams' door pretending to work for pepco. when williams let them inside, the suspects tied him up, robbed him, shot and killed him. his codefendant has already pleaded guilty for his role in the shooting. a woman woke up around 4:00 monday morning to find a man in her bedroom holding her purse. her son heard her screams and came in and fought with the man.
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the son had to fight with a second would-be burglar. one of the suspected came back and tried to force his way back into the bedroom but took off right before police arrived. i. it is another case of d.c. versus the federal government. the city council is expected to take up a program that would defy an immigration program. melanie alnwick has more. >> reporter: good morning. we are talking about what is called the secure communities program. this is a program that requires local police to share fingerprint information with federal immigration officials and it has been rolling out across the country in phases. it is scheduled to take effect in the district and that is why the city council plans to take up this emergency legislation to tell local officials, local police and public safety officials that it is okay to ignore those federal requirements. opponents of the program say that secure communities can lead to racial profiling and fear among immigrant
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communities. last fall, d.c. mayor vincent gray signed an executive order saying that d.c. public safety fills will not ask about or send information about immigration status to the feds except when the status is pertinent to a criminal investigation. but immigrations and customs ebb forcement is press ago head asking the security communities requirement program state by state, city by city. phil mendelsohn continues the city's policy not to comply to become law. >> we've seen over and over again that people who have not been convicted of a violent crime are being held and held for days, weeks, months. they are held on mere suspicious, a suspicious that doesn't pan out. >> reporter: there are concerns that, out of fear of deportation, immigrant communities will become even more reluctant to work with local police departments. d.c. is not the only area that is resisting the secure communities program but there are other states, notably arizona, that say that the
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program is working well and they are very much actively participating in the program. for their part, ice officials say there program has been very successful in removing many violent convicted criminals from the united states. back to you. >> thank you. other news now. the u.s. takes aim at al- qaeda's number two man. that is next as we check out more headlines. plus, she allegedly left the baby on the roof of the car and just drove off. details of that mom's day in court on the other side of the break. [ female announcer ] the best way to predict the future... to create it. [ female announcer ] now create a new future for your skin. only aveeno positively radiant has total soy, for a whole new level of radiance.
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u.s. drones target al-qaeda actually cia drone fired missiles at al-qaeda's number two yesterday. intelligence officials are not sure for he was hit but say they are optimistic. he took charge of the terror organization last year. a week-long manhunt for a canadian porn star accused of murder comes toon end now. 29-year-old luka rocca magnotta was arrested in germany yesterday. he allegedly killed his ex-
5:11 am
boyfriend, mailed his body marts to the country's top political party. canadian authorities say magnotta fled to europe after that killing. no word on when or if he will be extradited to canada. an arizona mother who is facing charges of aggravated dui and child abuse and in court for the first time yesterday. the 19-year-old mother is accused of doing drugs and then driving off with her newborn baby on the roof of the car over the weekend. the mother has been released from jail on pond and ordered to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet. she cannot see her baby. wisconsin hold a recall vote today. the polls are hoping in the long awaited recall election of the governor later on this morning. after more than a year in the national spotlight, the issue pits union collective bargaining against the state's budget gap. the polls show a tight race between republican governor scott walker and democratic challenger milwaukee mayor tom bare the. a huge turnout is expected today and today is also election day in several states.
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there are primaries today in california, new jersey, new mexico, south dakota and montana. the future of metro's silver line still in question. up next on fox 5 morning news. >> it is a neat thing to have. everybody loves the choo choo. everybody wants a train. everybody wants a shiny train to get them to tysons corner. unfortunately, we can't afford t. >> we'll explain that coming up. plus your weather and traffic on the other side. q finally carpet cleaning got easier.
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back now. these are live pictures coming to us from london right now. this is inside st. paul's cathedral where, in just about 15 minutes from now, the national service of thanksgiving will be getting under way. this part of the queen's diamond jubilee celebration, of course. again, where this is queen elizabeth ii. she will be leaving buckingham palace shortly. we don't believe she has left yet and will be heading to st. paul's cathedral for the service of thanksgiving. you are seeing prince edward walking down the aisle here and prince andrew as well. we'll be seeing prince charles, camilla, also prince harry and also william and kate, the duke and duchess of cambridge will be part of the celebration as well. they are in these cars from what we understand coming down towards st. paul's cathedral.
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>> some 2,000 people have peop been invited to this service. they are awaiting the arrival of the queen. she will be there in about 10 minutes. you know all the titles. but we call them kate and will. they are arriving now. after the service, the queen will go to two receptions and a lunch before leading a carriage procession. >> so exciting to watch this. even with will item and kate's wedding, we were all watching and just the world kind of stopped for a moment. no matter what we were going through to just be a part of the celebration, something we are doing as well today. >> they're real life fairy tale. >> it is. it really is. i'm sure they have your typical london weather going on. >> it poured rain there a
5:17 am
couple of days ago. >> are those rolls royces? >> must be. >> i would like to know what year. they look so vintage. >> are we going to have any london-type weather. >> we get i little taste of it this morning. we have a little taste of it. it is cool enough for tea. >> sorry. that's mine. >> covered in lipstick. our high temperatures yesterday were a little on the cool side. smells good. >> yeah. >> 75 degrees yesterday at reagan national. our average daytime high now no early june is 81. a little on the cool side. dulles and bwi marshall had a temperature of 74. it will actually be or likely be a degree or two cooler today as we continue to be under the influence of this area of low pressure off to our north. still going to be a nice day. we'll have plenty of sunshine. kind of a repeat of sunshine way the bit of cloud cover.
5:18 am
59 right no in washington. these are comfortable temperatures. 55 in leonardtown. annapolis, good morning, 61 degrees for you. 57 in baltimore. lots of 50s on the map. 57 in culpeper. great looking start to the day. there is some cloud cover. we did have a few light showers work through. we are get a couple of light sprinkles here south of washington. we should start the day with some cloud cover. we'll work into sunshine here during the course of the day. it is this area of low pressure and you can kind of see the rain showers working around it working down into pennsylvania. a few of those showers in this daytime heating later today will start to pick up again. a few showers in the afternoon forecast. maybe a 20% chance you will see a shower today. just a little bit cool for this time of year. mix. clouds and sun. there you go.
5:19 am
72 your daytime high. later tonight, partly cloudy skies. i know what you're thinking. when is the warm-up? it is june after all in washington and it is on the way. by friday, 81. by saturday, 85. i think we'll get awfully close to 90 by sunday and monday. let's do traffic. see what julie has to offer up. >> you were justenning about 09 and you were like i know julie will love this. >> you're not going to be at work next week. >> that's right. are you silently clapping? >> no, no, i love having you here. >> on the roads, 395 at the 14th street bridge, still an easy ride coming across the potomac. lanes are open southbound on the george washington parkway making your way inbound leaving the key bridge and continuing northbound. lanes are open there as well. no problems to report on the
5:20 am
beltway between an and del and merrifield. still an easy ride for our friends south on 270 leaving germantown headed past shady grove road headed out towards the split. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. >> thank you. there she is. the woman of the last three days of celebration hon iring her long time on the throne there as the queen. wonderful shot of her as she arrives. we are not sure who is with her. scherr on the way to st. paul's cathedral for the national service of thanksgiving. we will continue to follow it. >> it is not camilla, i am told. let's clear that up. >> beautiful as she arrives. can you hear her subjects heralding her arrival there. it is a special day. special da
5:21 am
we'll continue to cover this all morning long. long. loudoun county leaders have gotten an earful about the future of metro. >> they heard from more than 150 people last night at a public hearing about whether to extend the silver line and beyond. bob barnard reports. >> reporter: this people did i voided. these few lining the street in front of the county government center, voices in favor of and against metrorail to loudoun county. >> the studies have shown it will not improve transportation. the higher tolls will drive cars off the toll road. >> reporter: some here railing against the silver line. others singing its praises. >> the silver line extension would be an economic engine that would stimulate smart growth and be a positive asset to the county. >> reporter: more than 150 people signed up to address the
5:22 am
loudoun county board of supervisors. it has until july 4th to decide whether to found the county's share of metro's silver line construction phase two to dulles airport and two stations beyond. >> it is a neat thing to v everybody loves the choo choo. everybody wants a train. everybody wants a shiny train to get them to tysons corner. that would be a cool thing. unfortunately, we can't afford it. >> reporter: phase one is expected to open by the end of next year. phase two is an investment that scott york says is vital to loudoun county's future. >> it is crucial. we can shut the door and be a bedroom community to others or we can invest in the system which will bring us a terrific amount of economic development. >> reporter: loudoun's board of prfers will meet later in the week to hammer out a plan to pay for its share of the silver line. -- loudoun's board of supervisors will meet later in
5:23 am
the week to hammer out a plan to pay for its share of the silver line. >> would real property tax be increased to make up for the gas tax paying for the metro fund something. >> a dispute over unionized labor has threatened to stall the start of phase two construction but officials say they expect that to be resolved soon. >> bob barnard reporting there. supervisors will make their decision about the silver line in a month. >> what are they thinking after last night's meet something we'll talk with scott york at 7:30 this morning. make sure you look to the sky tonight. something you will never see again in our lifetimes unless you live another 105 years. coming up next, a solar expert will explain what we will be seeing. stay with us. -my toes know. -my shoulders know.
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welcome back. there will be something special happening in the skies tonight. something that will not happen again in our lifetime. >> this evening is the transit of venus when the planet passes between the earth and the sun. it will appear like you see there. note this is a little black dot across the surface of the sun. that is what is special. it is what happened back in 2004. it won't happen again for another 105 years though. so he will not be around. we will be talking more about greg redfern about the transit of venus coming up. you might know him as sky guy. >> it will be so fascinating. still plenty ahead on fox 5
5:27 am
morning news. p stories. your weather, first, we want to take another live look at london as the royal family continues. believe that is the queen again there. live picture right now as they are making their way to st. paul's cathedral as part of the diamond june jubilee celebration with the queen. we'll be continuing to follow that. of course, the big service coming up here in just a few minutes actually scheduled here at 5:30 here our time locally. we'll be right back. ht back. 
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5:30 am
love that. taking a live look as the procession continues to st. paul's cathedral. queen elizabeth ii, part of her time and jubilee celebration making her way. we saw will yam and kate earlier. it will be a very interesting day. they will have the national service of thanksgiving at st. paul's cathedral. it is scheduled for get under way any moment now after the queen arrives. then it will be followed by two receptions, also a lunch is scheduled at westminster hall and then they will have a procession to buckingham palace and a balcony appearance as well which we always love those as well when everybody gets to
5:31 am
cheer and see the queen. so it is just a very interesting celebration. last day of the three-day celebration of the queen's diamond jubilee. just beautiful as you watch -- >> four-day celebration. >> excuse me. >> the people just lined up there. i don't know how often they get to see their queen but it must be so thrilling especially on this day. about 2,000 guests will be in attendance besides the royal weather. we know the queen's husband was under the weather. hopefully, we'll see him later today. but for now, the queen is arriving way female companion. >> prince philip was supposed to be with her. necessary the hospital due tie bladder infection. he was outside sunday at part of the celebration. and last night, the queen kind of ducked out due to the prince
5:32 am
being in the hospital. so they will continue to monitor him. hopefully, he is doing okay. as you watch right now, this is the queen stepping out of the rolls royce as she gets ready to proceed into st. paul's cathedral. there she is. we take a look. you can hear the crowd roar just at the sight of her. >> what must she be thinking today? >> i don't know. >> she has seen so much in her reign. it is clearly not over as she walks unattended into st. paul's cathedral looking as regal as always. >> very interesting too because it doesn't seem like it was that long that we had a royal wedding and the world stopped and watched that. >> now, we g to be part of the queen's 60 -- the celebration of her 06 years on the throne. so we will continue to go in and out of live picture that
5:33 am
you are seeing here. we'll continue throughout the morning to bring this to you live and kind of peek in and keep an eye on how things are going for the diamond jubilee. >> let's check in with tucker. >> yeah, right. kind of a letdown. >> not really had. jeerve should be able to celebrate a 06th jubilee. -- everybody should be able to celebrate a 60th jubilee. tony will have a little presentation. he will go out and do the presentation here. a little wall out back. >> will people be gathered? waving their flags? >> a few squirrels. here we go. 59 right now in washington. humidity, 83%. we are not looking at morning a shower or two. southern maryland, calvert county, st. mary's city. you might be dealing with a sprinkle. rest of us, particularly east
5:34 am
of washington. got some showers overnight. some of roadways are a little wet. we should be looking at partly sunny skies. 59 as mentioned. 83% humidity. our wind are out of north and east today. our high temperatures only in the low 70s. that is about 10 degrees below normal. >> in celebration, we are having scones and tea at the desk today. >> yes, we are. >> we are really are. just wanted to throw that in there. feeling very british this morning. let's check in with julie wright. >> wait a minute. scones and tea. >> we didn't tell you. >> which one of you did that. >> not either of us. the wife of our executive producer did that. ## that. >> i think suzanne made a wrong
5:35 am
turn. >> we're very civilized over here, julie. >> why are you there? >> oh, vicious. if you are traveling south along 270, you will find that traffic is flowing freely coming from 109 headed through rockville. 2 and dickerson blocked off now because of accident activity. 395 remains in good shape crossing over the potomac headed for the southeast- southwest freeway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. raffic. jury selection will get under way today in the jerry sandusky child sex abuse trial. the judge shot down a last- ditch effort to delay the trial. the judge ruled that alleged victims cannot keep their identities private for they testify. sandusky denies the allegations. the judge also banned tweets and other electronic communications from inside the courtroom during the trial. d.c. police arrested at man
5:36 am
they say was caught on camera harassing a bicyclist last summer. >> you better move -- >> what's that? >> you heard me. >> the cyclist had a helmet camera as can you tell from this and recorded the whole incident. police tracked down john deal from the license plate seen on the truck in the video. deal says he wasn't driving the truck at the time. deal as former d.c. police officer. d.c. leaders are pushing back against the federal government. the d.c. council will take up an emergency bill today that would defy the federal immigration program called secure communities. fox 8's melanie alnwick is live at the wilson building with the story now. >> reporter: good morning. the goal of this program that is being rolled out nationwide is to have community police departments identify illegal immigrants to the feds since it is the local police who are most likely to have contact with the illegal immigrants.
5:37 am
last fall, mayor gray said that the city would not participate in this stepped-up immigration enforcement program and today, city officials want to make parts of that policy into law. secure communities requires local police to share fingerprints with immigration officials when they do arrest somebody for a crime, when it is violent or nonviolent. the federal government has been implementing it in phases nationwide. it is scheduled to take in the district of columbia today. opponents are concerned it leads to racial profiling and some crime victims say fear of deportation has kept them from contacting authorities. >> we didn't report it. the reason we didn't do it becauses because i was personally afraid of what would happen to my parents and to myself. >> the immigrant population must feel comfortable in coming forward with information, not be afraid to contact police especially when they are the
5:38 am
victims of crimes. >> reporter: councilman phil mendelsohn is introducing that legislation this morning we understand when the d.c. council meets here at the wilson building. part of his bill would also prevent immigration authorities from holding someone who is accused of a nonviolent crime for more than 24 hours. back to you. >> thank you. two hollywood stars bat it would out in a relate-life courtroom. coming up next, the latest in the lawsuit involving steven baldwin, kevin costner and the gulf oil spill? we'll explain all that. carol, look at the size of that thing. >> the ball was the head of a femur. i said boys, that's a bone. that is a really big bone. big >> yes, it is. >> bet you never found anything hike this in your backyard. a massive bone like you saw right there and it wasn't the only one. details of what one family dug up in that yard. 
5:39 am
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that's real value ! get $100 off any motorola 4g lte smartphone, like the droid 4 now just $99.99. verizon. felicidades ! some real life drama for two hollywood movie stars up side a federal courthouse in louisiana. the trial is under way in the business dispute between actors steven baldwin and kevin costner. baldwin is suing costner over an oil clean-up device used by bp after the 2010 spill. the lawsuit alleges costner and a business partner tricked baldwin and his friend into
5:42 am
selling their shares of the company just days before cutting a deal with bp. and historic find by an iowa family a man and his son dug up ma'am south bones right in the backyard of their home. first was a huge femur bone that could be as much 125z,000 years old. they have since discovered some smaller bones. exexperts have joined in the excavation. the volunteers predict they should uncover the mammoth's head in the next few weeks. >> the leg, femur is one thing but the head. that is why would. >> i might have the experts do the head part. >> that is so fascinating. >> maybe the family dog can dig that up. >> coming up, is your cell phone carrier having some trouble? we'll look at which major service provider is offering buyouts to employees. a bit of a chill in the air
5:43 am
this morning. tonguer will be back with today's forecast. tucker we'll be back with today's forecast and julie has a look at traffic. 
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
that looks scary to me. it looks like when ghost busters came down. >> it is neat over there. >> are we supposed to have any rain in the clouds. >> one or two showers. kind of hit and miss here this morning. we'll see one or two more this afternoon. not going to be a rainy day. >> not ominous. no friday rain. >> nothing like friday. >> we need the clearing for the transit of venus later. >> okay. good. i'm hoping to see something. >> you have to look at it just the right way. >> not easy to see it. >> you don't want to look direct lie in the sun. venus is crossing the sun. >> okay. sky guy will let us know.
5:47 am
>> he's friendlier. >> he'll hook us up. >> we're cool in washington. i think a few of you might need a jacket as you head out to go for that morning jog or walk the dog, that kind of thing. back in the 50s. you can see much of the area in the 50s. salisbury, good morning. 5 # degrees. off to the north and west, temperatures on the cool side. 55 in gaithersburg. 5 # in hagerstown. nice, cool start to the day. going to be another cool one this afternoon. keep the windows open. lots of refreshing air. wind will be out of the north and east and our high temperature will only be in the low 70s later today. about 10-degree below what would be considered normal around mere for the early part of june. area of low pressure. big upper level low. you can kind of see the rain showers and clouds spinning around that. we'll see a few more clouds and showers spill down into the mid- atlantic later today. it is not going to be a rany day today but there will be a chance for a few more showers developing in our afternoon sun and plenty of cloud cover.
5:48 am
kind of in and out of the sunshine today. the weather pattern will remain the same here for the next couple of days and than a nice warming trend as we get into the end of the week. by the weekend, our high temperatures will be back well into the 80s and we'll be near 09 by sunday and monday. let's do futurecast. you can see at noon, futurecast picking up a few showers here out to the west. you can see they are spotty in nature, just a couple of showers picking up. we'll see those on and off through the day. most of your day should be nice and dry with a chance for i few -- for a few showers this afternoon. 7 # your daytime high. there are your winds out of north and east at about five to 10. partly cloud you, comfortable overnight. nice and cool. 55 the overnight low. temperatures will trend once again just a little below normal here for the next several days. here comes your warming trend. we'll switch pat weres here by friday and saturday with warmer temperatures, mid-80s on saturday. we'll get awfully close to 90 around here for the end of the
5:49 am
weekend. that is alook at your weather. let's do some traffic and get the latest from julie. are we wazeing? >> we are but i want to say hello and thank you for my certificate from the montgomery county. i had the pleasure of speaking to them. they said to tell you hello. i want to say a special thank you to candy myspace phone the special invite and gate food. now, yes, we will be wazeing. we are hoping you will join us because it is a free app to download. we do have problems as you make your way northbound along i-95. one of our wearsers has said there is a object in the roadway as you work your way through springfield. -- one of our wazers has said there is an object in the roadway. we do have some problems to report out here on the roads. we had accident activity in dirk son. all of that has cleared.
5:50 am
we do have problems along 28 at 58. this will be at buckiestown road. follow police direction to work your way around the scene. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. >> thank you. checking a consumer alert now, verizon is offering buyouts to 1700 workers hoping to avoid layoffs. most of the people affected are call cent are employees and technicians. verizon is cutting costs to provide wire service since so many people are canceling their home phones and relying on cell phones. the company hopes the first workers will begin leaving in july. the washington nationals continue to build for the future. coming up next, the latest young arm added to the organization. plus, it is apparently becoming more popular. we are talking about barefoot running. but is it worth the risk to your feet? and there we have some feet. that is coming up next. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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the washington nationals selected 17-year-old right- handed pitcher lucas giolito. despite an elbow injury this year, he was just too good to pass up. barefoot roping is becoming more and more popular these
5:54 am
days, i guess. kind of like my shoes. some doctors are warning going without shoes could be putting you at risk for injuries. >> laura evans explains. >> reporter: with runs are eying are to get back to a more natural way of moving. >> of a actually done 79 marathons barefoot so i just did a mayor top in march and that was my 08th marathon including the one with shoes. >> reporter: he runs a popular web site where he advises runs are to kick off their shoes and change their stride for more fun and pain-free training. >> it is scary that people are going out and running without the proper support. >> reporter: doctors say they are seeing more injuries among the footwear-free and runners who wear minimalist footwear, more tendinitis and painful stress fractures. >> i think it is kind of like saying i have bad vision and i need glasses but ill a try to squint to make myself have stronger vision.
5:55 am
>> doctors and researchers aren't in agreement about this. irene davis is a harvard professor who studies how to keep runners on their feet. >> i started in 2009 running barefoot and i haven't stopped. i do protect my feet in the wintertime in boston. you kind of have to. but any time the weather is above 40 degrees, my feet and toes are bare. >> reporter: she says wearing shoes is like wearing gloves on your feet. you lose some sensitivity in exchange for protection. >> i know when you are barefoot, you have greater sensory input from the flan tar, the reisn'tors on the bottom surface ever the into. it helps you to know how to adjust your leg to land on the different surfaces you are landing on. >> reporter: this feedback mechanism can actually prevent injuries. in today's running shoes, runners land hard, some say too hard, on the heel. barefoot runners land on the front or middle of the feet. this doctor says this this puts
5:56 am
undue strain on the muscles. days of says the muscles will get stronger over time. >> it may take us long torah adapt but we were given effect that we need in our feet to be able to walk and run without shoes. we came into this world without shoes. >> reporter: dr. baravarian says first world feet that have spent decades no shoes aren't cut out for going barefoot. >> if you are wearing shoes most the day and you are going barefoot and run 10 miles, are put a level of strain on your foot that your body isn't used to. >> reporter: should you invest in a pair of minimalist footwear? >> it is protecting you from thatting in that would say hey, don't run like this. run more gently. rotor experts do agree they need to do more research and aspiring barefoot runners should start slowly. maybe go without shoes for only
5:57 am
the last mile of a run and give the body time to adapt. e to ad >> get some pedicures on those feet. >> no, thank you. starbucks is expanding your menu. not what is in your cup but what is on your plate. >> first, time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day, leon stroy. and that the old sweet baby is nyla noelle. she wakes up every morning to see her fox 5 morning news family. like it or not. we'll be right back. graduation, huh ?
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